Campagne Blitzkrieg Jun30

Campagne Blitzkrieg

En juin 2011, la ferveur du Printemps Arabe était en train de retomber. La monarchie marocaine a mis ce moment à profit pour lancer une audacieuse manoeuvre de contournement du mouvement rebelle du 20 Février: une campagne référendaire éclair, en vue de re-constitutionnaliser l'absolutisme royal.

Foes : Outflanked ! Jun30

Foes : Outflanked !

A retrospective look at the monarchy's blitzkrieg campaign to outflank pro-democracy protesters. On June 2011, with the Arab Spring tide going out, King Mohammed VI released a surprise-Constitutional draft and rushed the people to a vote in an all-but-fair referendum process.

Feb20 Glory Days Jun19

Feb20 Glory Days

Spring 2011: that was the time when Morocco's Feb20 pro-democracy activists were surfing the momentum wave. With the Islamists and leftists all lined-up behind the inspiring, fired-up kids, the monarchy was shaking and serious reform was at sight. Nostalgia...

Window dressing Jun17

Window dressing

On June 17, 2011, Morocco's king Mohammed VI disclosed the details of a Constitutional draft to be voted less two weeks later. The blog's author gave this interview to Al Jazeera English a mere hour after the king's speech, describing the new Constitution as "window dressing".