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Majidi exposed

Thanks to Tlaxcala, the International Network of Translators for linguistic diversity, the misdeeds of Mounir Majidi, private secretary of king Mohammed VI of Morocco, are now exposed in 5 languages:



The Majidigate: a textbook case of corruption in Morocco

Translated by John Catalinotto



 الفساد الكبير هو الحاكم الفعلي في المغرب

Translated by  Ahmed Benseddik (for lakome.com)

أعمال الماجيدي : مثال نموذجي للفساد في المغرب

Translated by Nada Mobarik, edited by  Mokhtar Ben Hafsa



La corrupción reina en Marruecos con poder absoluto

Translated by  Guillermo F. Parodi  and  María Piedad Ossaba



In Marokko hat die große Korruption die absolute Oberhand

Translated by Michèle Mialane, edited by Fausto Guidice


See also the original French versions:

La grande corruption règne en maître au Maroc

Majidi business : cas d’école